Geological maps: Strike line and Dip angle

A– Choose one bedding plane. Choose a contour line that intersects the bedding plane at two points.
B– Determine the two points of intersection, and connect them to draw a strike line.
This strike line will have the elevation value of the contour line.
C– Draw another strike line and determine its elevation.
D– Measure the distance in cm between the two strike lines (distance H on the map).
The distance H must be normal to the strike lines
E– Multiply this distance (H) by the scale of the map to get its true value in nature, and transfer it to meters.
F– Use the following equation to calculate the angle of dip of the bed:

$${Tan } \theta = \frac{\text{Contour interval}}{\text{Horizontal distance between strike lines}} \times \text{Map scale}$$